Strik en puddel (knit a poodle)

installation view


Video 1, deals with a fascination of the arcetypical  traditional housewife and my wish to become one myself. This is why I decide to knit some toy animals from some women's magazine, a poodle from a magazine from 1952, and an elephant from  2009. The video follows the knitting process as well as my reflections a long the way. The border between the actual me and a quite mixed up persona is rather thin in this piece, and the relationship with the camera takes a big part in the video.


Video 2, gives the word to the finished toy animals which have now taken on a life of their own. Apparently they live together in some sort of relationship, and the video turns out to be a kind of reality soap, where they confess their thoughts to the viewer. I stand behind it all as the puppet player, literately lending my voice to the animals.


The piece was shown as a part of the exhibition spring09, in Aarhus kunstbygning, Denmark, 2009 and was awarded by the municipality of the city. (Aarhus kommunes kultur og borgerservice)

Read the catalogue text (In Danish. PDF)


The piece consists of 2 opposing  TV-monitors showing each a faked - or at least semi faked - documentary.  Everything is covered in gray knitting, including the pillows that are filling up the space between the TVs. Yarn and knitting of the same color is also used in the video recordings.